Raavi Kapoor

Raavi Kapoor is a polyglot with fluency in French, Spanish, Turkish. What inspires her? learning new cultures and traditions through their films, songs and tales!


Meet Poornima, a seasoned Francophile with over a decade of immersion in the French language. An avid learner, she actively participates in various events and competitions, demonstrating her passion for linguistic excellence. Committed to community service, she volunteers her time teaching French in government schools and engaging in social causes.
Driven by her vision, Poornima is the architect behind “playwithfrench,” a groundbreaking platform designed to democratize French education. Through this platform, her aim is to offer quality instruction using innovative, interactive methods that cater to all age groups. Additionally, she showcased her artistic prowess through French theatre performance at AFD and has clinched victories in French poetry competitions.
Ever the adventurous spirit, Poornima continually seeks new challenges, embodying a spirit of exploration and curiosity.

Eva Goutam

She has a passion for storytelling that shines through in every endeavor. With a keen eye for detail and a love for the art of movies, theatres and music, she plays an integral role in bringing captivating stories to life. Whether behind the camera or in front of the screen, her life revolves around how we see the world through the lens. With a diverse skill set and a creative mindset she holds keenest interest in different culture, different traditions and languages all around the world.

Aparajita Gupta

ACCA professional, part-time event emcee, and passionate movie enthusiast.

Tavishi Taneja

Tavishi Taneja is a final year student from Gargi College. Be it uncovering hidden gems or embarking on spontaneous adventures, she is always up for the thrill

Vanshika Khurana

She studies French and Computer. She loves to socialise and to listen to music.

Ashutosh Kumar

Graduate from Dyal Singh College of Delhi University

Dishant Verma

Dishant Verma is a student and part time Photographer. He is a winner of State youth Festival 2023 and has participated in National Youth Fest 2024. He enjoys using his skills to be creative and innovative every day. He likes to gain new experiences and opportunities to help build his skills.

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