AIFF- Monthly 2023

In partnership with Alliance Française de Delhi we provide a platform for independent filmmakers worldwide. Our aim is to promote independent cinema and offer filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their work. Monthly screenings of 2-3 films are held at the ML Bhartia Auditorium, which is located at Alliance Française de Delhi, 72, KK Birla Ln, Lodhi Gardens, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110003. Any film featured in these monthly screenings will automatically become eligible for consideration for special awards at our annual event.

June 2023 Selections

Parallel Parking

Dechen, an undocumented worker, and Oscar, a reckless truck driver plagued by addiction, are immigrants to the United States who arrived under traumatic circumstances. Oscar teaches Dechen to drive, and Dechen provides companionship and support to Oscar through his failing health. Their relationship develops and deepens across identity differences due to reciprocity and their shared love of food.

Aby Rao Director
Aby Rao Writer
Preeti Vidwans Producer
Aby Rao Producer

House of Fortune

Rahil mohajer was buried alive by her husband and her father on her wedding night because they thought she wasn’t a virgin.

Adel Mashoori Director
Nassim Afsharpour Writer
Alireza Mashoori Producer
Nassim Afsharpour Key Cast

July 2023 Selections

August 2023 Selections

9 Days

Directed by  Yuddvir Bakolia Duration:18 minutes Language Hindi  The Director of the film will address the Q & A session.
Synopsis: Ajay, a simple guy, loses his wife in a car accident and devotes his life to bringing up his 7-year-old disobedient son. Ajay had been suffering from a complex and took a drastic step one night.


French film directed by Loïc Guinebault Duration: 10 minutes.

Synopsis: Migrants roam the Mediterranean in a canoe and one runs aground on the beach. A man regularly comes to the beach where the migrant is stranded and he ignores him. This film presents the difficulty of migrants coming to Europe by boat and once in our countries, they are dehumanized by the people who pass by in the street and who do not even look at them, they are ignored.


Indian film Directed by Chris Watson. Duration: 19 minutes.

Synopsis: Set on the unruly outskirts of Mumbai, Bagheera is the determined leader of an Indian Girl Scout troop, teaching her girls everything from first aid to snake handling. After a troop meeting one evening, Bagheera is abducted by a brutal assailant, Kaka (Uncle). He drives her to a run-down dairy, dumps her in an electrified cage and a twisted psychological battle ensues. However, Bagheera is named after the Black Panther of Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book and when the Empress of the Jungle is forced to take out her claws, things don’t go well for her opponents. Using her scouting skills, Bagheera outwits Kaka and exacts a scorching retribution. Highlighting the vulnerability of women in societies across the world, Bagheera reminds us that bravery and resourcefulness are powerful tools.

September 2023 Selections

Madan Veri-breath of the Ghasis

Indian film Directed by Somnath Mondal; Duration: 33  minutes. Somnath Mondal has agreed to travel from Kolkata to address the Q&A Session.

Synopsis: This Docu-Fiction film is a factual documentation of the struggle to preserve the culture & heritage of Madan Veri alias ‘Turi’, a metallic blowing instrument producing a very loud and distinct sound, played by a singular sub-caste called ‘Ghasis’ during specific Hindu rituals or delivering some messages since centuries in the Manbhum region of the state of Jharkhand and West Bengal, India. The Ghasis (considered untouchables) are very poor. Their main occupation is playing Madan Veri besides animal husbandry (especially pig rearing) and working as agricultural laborers. People of Manbhum believe that the loud sound of Madan Veri is a clarion call to God from the earth, an appeal for all-encompassing blessings starting from the long life of the newborn to the safe passage of souls after death The Ghasis are generally called upon to play Madan Veri at rice ceremonies, marriage, funeral processions, Shraddh ceremonies, etc. However, with the advent of loudspeakers, orchestra, and DJ music, Madan Veri has lost its importance and sheen. Hence, many Ghasis are trying new professions or moving to other states as migrant laborers, for lack of a call for performing Madan Veri. Naturally, Madan Veri players have reduced significantly, now it’s hard to find one in need.

But a few Ghasis remain still dedicated and sincere in holding on to this age-old family tradition of fighting poverty. Herein lies the eternal dilemma of an artist – to choose a settled well-paid profession or to pursue the traditional culture. Time will say whether this giant wind instrument survives or is lost forever.

Rosalie and Cesar

French film directed by Joan Borderie  Duration: 23 minutes.

Synopsis: In a small Mediterranean island village, it’s the last day of the last summer, of Rosalie, 18, at her father’s, César, 80. With her baccalaureate in hand, Rosalie will leave in a few hours to continue her studies in London. But that day, Rosalie and César lose their dog, Neptune. As they set off together in search of him, the tensions and the unspoken resurface.

October 2023 Selections

Any Wednesday

American film directed by Allie Light and Patrick Stark; Duration: 30 minutes. 
Synopsis: Any Wednesday is a sensitive, delicate drama of disparate souls reaching for connection. An octogenarian with dementia, Agnes (Mary Black) meets PTSD-afflicted homeless vet C’Mo (Shane Dean) after choir practice and gives him a ride instead of going home. While her family frets, these two people—separated by age, race, class, and even diagnoses—bond in their frail humanity.

Edmond Albius

French film directed by Hubert Kondé; Duration: 19 minutes. 
Synopsis: Mr. Bellier-Beaumont, the owner of a small sugar cane plantation, has taken a liking to Edmond, a young slave of twelve. He shares with him his knowledge of botany and his research. The owner hopes to discover the secret of Vanilla fertilization. For the moment, as elsewhere on the island, the plant does not produce any pods. When one of the property’s runaway slaves is caught, Edmond finally opens his eyes to his condition as a slave. He now has only one desire: to discover the secret of vanilla to change his destiny.

Ramdeen (Now & Then)

Indian film directed by Dr Azad Jain; Duration: 18 minutes. 
Synopsis: Ramesh, a lower-middle class, middle-aged man, works as a gopher (peon) for the affluent and arrogant real estate tycoon Mr. Hemlaani’s passion project – an ad agency. Hemlaani is producing his dream film which is being developed by Damini, a young yet experienced screenwriter. The story of this dream film revolves around Ramdeen, an honest and hardworking tailor from a small Indian village in the year 1965 who is hired by Laalaji, the wealthiest man in the town, to stitch Diwali clothes for his family. The film then alternates between Ramdeen’s life then versus Ramesh’s life now. While a timid and frustrated Ramesh is overworked but underpaid and unappreciated, Ramdeen is a polite, gullible man. How these economically and socially oppressed men are constantly taken advantage of by their bosses and how after relentless humiliation they both finally take a bold stand is what forms the crux of this hard-hitting social drama.

December 2023 Selections

Vadoba (INDIA)

Vadoba is a story about a school going kid (Kshitiya). Kshitiya in a precarious situation reaches a land which is not been visited by any of the villager……
What was that precarious situation which led him to that land?
Why any of the villagers have not visited that land so far?
What’s in store for Kshitiya’s future in that land?

Vishal Sawant Director
Vishal Sawant Writer
Buzzing Bee Films & Entertainment Producer

One Last Breath

French film directed by Audrey Karras Duration: 23:49 minutes

Synopsis:  Robyn, a 42-year-old actress has just lost her son. As she is about to give up on life, she hears a mysterious guitar tune coming through the wall.


The film is about a tribal girl named Savitri and her society which is far away from economic, educational and social factors … Savitri’s father is arrested on false charges of theft and her mother also goes missing, in which Savitri struggles to live and find her mother …

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