Short-listed for Screening Season 1 – 2020

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Desibands (INDIA)

Desibands deals with the vanishing tribe of musicians and singers who were known to perform at marriages in Punjab and Rajasthan. The film shows how titillating performances by dancing girls have sounded the death knell for such performers, pushing them to the margins of society.

Sukhwinder Singh Director
Sukhwinder Singh Writer
Sukhwinder Singh Producer

Boxman (IRAN)

In search of success, a reporter is making a film about a teenager who lives in a wooden box. At end, the reporter changes his mind about making the film and is drawn to the teenager’s world.

Manouchehr Teimourzadeh Director
Manouchehr Teimourzadeh Writer
Alireza Barazandeh Producer

Shunyata (the void) (INDIA)

Madhur works as a hitman for a gang in Mumbai. He leads a bleak existence and a life full of regrets. He is friendly with a kid who lives on the street. Madhur sees this kid getting into crime and decides to intervene to give the kid a chance he never had.

Chintan Sarda Director

Pragaash Band (song of silence) (INDIA)

Three young Indian Kashmiri Muslim girls,full of hopes and ambitions,embark on a journey of music and discover the harsh reality of the world they live in.

Janmejay singh Director
Janmejay singh Writer
Marijuanafilms pvt. ltd. Producer

Bagli Talkies (INDIA)

It’s a love story of an old man with his cinema hall which was built with blood, sweat and all his heart. It is his undying passion which makes him not to compromise with time, a time which is all against him and he has to fight this battle all alone. Can he defeat the time?

Aniruddha Sharma Director
Aniruddha Sharma Writer
Pawan Jaiswal Producer

TARA-The Journey of Love & Passion (INDIA)

Merely a few hundred kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the fanatically fast paced Mumbai city lies the deceptively sleepy village of Tanda. A village girl Tara seems to be content with her confined life, very much in love with her liquor maker husband. But, when the beautiful protagonist’s seemingly mundane existence parts ways to reveal the unspoken realities of exploitation and darkness enveloping the village, she leads the villagers in their quest for survival, only to realise that she is up against something she may not be prepared to fight against prejudice. The young woman who bravely stood up for the whole community finds herself cruelly alienated in her most vulnerable moment.

Ultimately, after a series of gut wrenching experiences, she has to make a choice… Based on disturbingly common realities of Indian villages, this powerful story of self-discovery transcends the original theme of tribal strife to raise a universal question—can you always choose freedom & self-respect over social acceptance? The journey of the extraordinary woman Tara in very difficult situations reveals the story of love and passion and how she deals with same.

Kumar Raj Producer / Director
Dr.Prof.Kishan Pawar Writer
Kumar Raj Producer
Sonam Raney Producer

Vadoba (INDIA)

Vadoba is a story about a school going kid (Kshitiya). Kshitiya in a precarious situation reaches a land which is not been visited by any of the villager……
What was that precarious situation which led him to that land?
Why any of the villagers have not visited that land so far?
What’s in store for Kshitiya’s future in that land?

Vishal Sawant Director
Vishal Sawant Writer
Buzzing Bee Films & Entertainment Producer


Priscilla Smith’s sanity is tested when she is separated from her beloved husband Adolph who is called for military service in Afghanistan. Left to raise their only child Sophia alone, Priscilla struggles with self-esteem issues and hopelessly uses prescription drugs to help her cope with the emptiness she feels in a community that has lost its men to war and prisons.

Sanelle Sibanda Director
Sanelle Sibanda Writer
Sanelle Sibanda Producer

What to Do about Climate Disruption? (USA)

In spite of much discussion of the problem for over a quarter of the century, observed temperatures and levels of carbon dioxide have only continued to increase. In this documentary, a wide variety of voices speak on the topic of what needs to be done about climate change, including those of congressmen and women speaking at town halls, of speakers at public events, of environmentalists being interviewed, and of experts appearing in other videos. The film explores avenues available for making progress, while capturing the passion of protesters and activists who understand the perils of maintaining business as usual.

Eric Simon Director
Eric Simon Writer
Eric Simon Producer

The Metamorphosis of a Bottle Cap (THE NETHERLANDS)

A seemingly complacent crab is suddenly called to action by mysterious intentions and a chance encounter with an elusive bottle cap.

This traditionally-made stop motion film is about the ‘Reuse’ of an object beyond its intended purpose and is a celebration of the creativity and ingenuity of local people in developing nations. This animated short highlights the concept that perceptions of what is ‘useful’ and what is ‘garbage’ depend on cultural values. The film emphasizes the important role that cross-cultural exposure plays in broadening perspectives and positively affecting lives. Created by a Canadian who lived and worked in East Africa from 2011-17, this narrative is based on real experiences.

A unique blend of approaches are employed including hand-made puppets and illustrations. Local African materials such as seeds, bark cloth, and other traditional fabrics are incorporated alongside re-purposed items such as discarded plastic bottles and other found objects. The choice of these materials and approaches reinforce the environmental and cultural themes of the film and further demonstrate the positive influence one culture can have on another.

Kathryn Jankowski Director
Kathryn Jankowski Writer
Tuesday Conner Producer

A Thousand Years of Love (MYNAMAR)

Wai Hnin and Ingyinn, two young girls in Burma, have a chance encounter and immediately are pulled together by a mutual attraction. Wai is of a volatile, emotional personality and Ingyinn and young and confused. Moreover, Ingyinn is already engaged to a man. But when the attraction between the two girls becomes very apparent, Ingyinn must make a decision while Wai must rein in her own highly volatile emotion.

M. Noe Director
M. Noe Writer
M. Noe Producer


Two children teach us the true meaning of friendship and togetherness in todays divided world in a colourful and musical film and musical film beautifully shot in Varanasi,India

Mayank Bokolia Director
Neeru Khera Director

Note: The above films are scheduled to be screened provided there is no last minute technical glitch with the video/audio/subtitles. Filmmakers/crew members who are available to address the Q&A Session get priority.

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