Screening Schedule-Season-5 2024


Theme Start End
Ganesh Vandana 11:00 11:15
LGBTQIA+ 11:15 13:25
Rights and Fights 13:25 14:05
Invisible Struggles 14:05 16:30
Mysteries of Souls 16:30 19:50


French Shorts 11:00 12:10
Treading the Unknown 12:10 13:40
Threads of Time 13:40 17:45
Awards Ceremony 18:00 19:30
Theme: LGBTQIA+ Challenges and prejudices faced by transgenders
1 India UN-WOMAN (Feature Film) A villager buys a bride and uncovers her transgender identity.
Theme: Rights and Fights Struggles and triumphs in pursuit of human rights
1 France Débarrée (Narrative short) A daughter seeks to return to her father, but his silence hints at trouble ahead.
2 India President’s horse (Animation) Powerful message on how to navigate honour and power with caution
Theme: Invisible Struggles Overlooked challenges and conflicts hidden beneath the surface of daily life.
1 India #KK (Narrative Short) An aspiring actor confronts societal prejudices due to his dark skin
2 India Deshkari (Short Documentary) Depicts challenges faced by marginal farmers in India
3 India Gadad (Narrative Short) 13-year-old boy’s attempts to understand menstruation cycle.
4 India Two worlds (Narrative short) Harsh realities, prejudices and discrimination faced by a delivery boy
5 India Wakeup (Short film on environment) In a shared neighbourhood, a man’s habits influence a mother and her son
6 United States Those Seven Steps (Narrative Short) Forced into an arranged marriage, a bride escapes on her wedding eve
Theme: Mysteries of Souls Questions surrounding life, death and beyond
1 Malaysia The 7th Night: MaoMao Revisits (Animation) Emotionally charging story of a boy awaiting his lost cat’s return
2 India Holy Trails – The Toughest Pilgrimage (Documentary) Story of a young woman’s tough pilgrimage to a Buddhist monastery in Leh/Ladakh
3 France Stigmate (Short horror) After returning to his monastery, a monk faces trouble from an intruder
4 Finland Tukdam: Between Worlds (Documentary feature) This feature documentary explores a phenomenon that blurs life and death to an unprecedented degree.
Theme: French Shorts Variety of short films that look at social issues and complexities of human behaviour
1 France Ink Drop (Experimental Short) Inspired by a video of a dancer, an artist creates a free illustration of her which comes alive
2 France Truthosis (Narrative Short) Anyone infected with rare disease compulsively tell the truth.
3 France Bonnes Vacances (Narrative Short) Unexpected vacation improvised by a mechanic just a few meters away from his workshop
4 France 18h46 (Narrative Short) Waiting for a train by a man which he will not board.
5 France Bodies and Souls : Inertia (Animation) A little girl gives birth to herself from a strange body burdened by death.
Theme: Treading the Unknown Travel through uncharted territory igniting curiosity
1 India Jinn- Chapter 1 (Feature-Mystery) A gripping supernatural tale where the protagonist encounters an evil force
2 Netherlands Lunatic (Short on Climate Change) Lunatic tackles urgent earthly issues, as seen by a lonely astronaut
3 United States Bran-Don of the Dead (Short-Horror) Get ready for a surprisingly not-so-bad tour of living alongside zombies
Theme: Threads of Time Journey through the past, present, and future, witnessing moments that shape our lives
1 India Walk (Feature Film) One man must deliver his dead friend’s son back to his family during lockdown
2 United States If I Were a Pony (Animation) Tale of a boy and his pony through the pony’s perspective.
3 France Bittersweetness (Narrative Short) Two lovers meet after a 5-year long separation
4 India Taashe (Narrative Short) A unique love and marriage story of two kids
5 France Tétèche (Narrative Short) Set in 1934 Guiana, a man longs to reconnect with his roots
6 India Rasan Piya (Documentary Feature) Celebrate the life of a 107-year-old Indian classical vocalist and poet
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